DPI, Content Monitoring & Cyber Security Solutions

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DPI, Content Monitoring & Cyber Security Solutions

3i-AntiDrone (New)

Technology for area zoning defence that will allow Airports and Zone Sensitive Areas to protect themselves against intrusions by flying drones.

Drones, which may carry explosive devices, intrude privacy by taking photos or perform other potentially disruptive actions. These intrusive drones will be taken under the control of ET’s new technology once they enter into a pre-defined flying zone.

3i-Filter System

Provides high speed layer 7 DPI packet filter solutions that is able to concurrently process and filter out thousands of targeted content.

3i-Mediation System

A customisable mediation system that allows for data delivery compliance.

3i-Warrant Management System

A customisable warrant management system.

3i System

Provides real-time L7 IP traffic reconstruction and visibility, allowing raw data packet streams to be decoded, reassembled and reconstructed back to the original content using IRGO engine and RTPR technology.

3i-RS System

Capable of retaining and preserving data captured by the ET 3i System, which can be stored and viewed for a week up to several years, pertaining to customers’ needs.

3i-CS System

A centralised management and visualisation platform to manage 3i-Filter, 3i and 3iRS systems, which can be deployed at multiple locations.

3i-Tactical System

A portable IP internet monitoring system. The system is capable of monitoring Wired Ethernet – 802.3 and Wifi – 802.11a/b/g/n networks, as well as HTPPS SSL traffic.

3i-Tactical System (LTE, 3G/2G, CDMA/EDGE)

Grab related information and data for LTE, 3G/2G and CDMA/EDGE networks.


Designed to detect and classify websites especially illegal websites, such as pornography, copyright and counterfeit goods, online gambling and others through the combination of our L7 DPI and IRGO engine.


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